Brownie Cove cancelled.

It makes you really feel like in an airport would be the easy thing to say and see in Brownie Cove cancelled; In reality, "press E to pass time" points towards something higher, after all, we all knew what would happen when we started playing; nobody really felt any angst while playing the game, because nobody had anywhere to go, but that's exactly where Brownie Cove cancelled becomes interesting.
The distorded rooms and objects, the mechanisation of waiting in lines as the only possible interaction with anything in the game, not for a final goal, but just to do something, it draws a really cruel picture of our culture, the airport is everywhere.
The best part is when you read the -literally-spacey dialogues of the people, so eagerly giving their consumer reviews, thinking they still have any sort of dignity as individuals.

"I'm a pacient boy, I wait, I wait, I wait" Johns, December 2019