About The Magnificent Circus Critique

We are a group of friends that, inspired both by Tevis Thompson's "Indie criticism" and Robert Christgau's short -most of the time incisive, always funny and brutal- criticism, decided to create this website, far from the central discourse in any of the subjects we will discuss, we want a place to express the most honest and concise of our criticism, no bullshit, no 800 words+ rules, but the unique form that every criticism as a work of literature needs. We believe that, since "indie criticism" came out, the situation has changed a little in game criticism. The problem is the same, although now we do have more and more critics and writers specially in youtube that seem to champion subjectivity (although some of em clearly are dishonest), yet the experimentation in the form and the angle of the piece of criticism that Tevis stresses in his text goes unheard. Honesty isn't only in the text itself, but the form it takes, we can't expect all critics to behave and express themselves in the same way, we can't just pretend that it's normal that more and more youtube would be critics take the same style, the same path, the same angle, and we can't pretend that all insightful criticism needs to be an academic text, with an introduction, thesis, antithesis and a conclusion, nor can we expect all critics to express themselves as game journalists. It is therefore our goal to try and write criticism that escapes not only the values that traditional criticism champions, but the form it takes too.
Poetic criticism as Christgau's is what I crave, and it obviously wont change much, but just expressing it in the form it needs is already a lot.
The Magnificent Circus Critique is not an anonymous collective or something,
don't hesitate to contact me for any reason, even if it's just to say hi.
Also, we got all the gifs from I hope that's okay.